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Solving Complexity in Class Action Settlement Administration

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The Impact of Solving Really Hard Problems in Legal Tech

At the heart of settlement administration is complexity. It’s innate, and a catalyst for so many processes and procedures that evolve in managing and administering a case. There are various levels of complexity that we have found on our journey to become one of the largest and highest volume settlement administrators in the world. Since 2007, our technology implementation team has launched initiative after initiative, in squarely at solving every single one of these specific complexities. Here are a few of them, below.

Zach Hoffman, CTO
Complexity of Member Information.

Class member data can be Cumbersome to parse through and format, as it often includes various different types of information and must be catalogued properly. Some member data is hierarchical, with nested levels of embedded traits that require further delving and extrapolation. There's commonly a set of subroutine and follow up calculations on member data that our team and systems provide to cleanse and 'scrub' the data.

Complexity of Case Stipulations.

Each case can carry with it some specific stipulations and legal clauses that have their own connotations when it comes to settlement administration. These settlement nuances are absolutely critical to get right. Specific filing requirements, information management and storage requirements, notification and mailing requirements, all of these play into the stipulations of the case and it’s critical to observe every detail in compliance with court orders.

Complexity of Timeline.

Often times, we’ve been required to invoke deadline-specific events and activities for a case. Some activities are broken down even further into tasks and subtasks and require a combination of various different resources to participate in their execution. Some require specific milestone events and true data science. The data scientists themselves have adopted data-driven principles, with gate-keepers and checkpoints where information is validated and verified prior to proceeding further.

Complexity of Logic.

Within the software and technical platform, there exist business rules and logic that dictate many variables and settings for a case. Our platform has been fine tuned over the last 12 years to accommodate numerous logical flows, business rule logic, dynamic settings, and conditional use cases. The end result tends to be that our case managers are able to deliver deeply complex outcomes without much variance or deviation from the critical path of the case.

We’ve deduced and absorbed all possible requirements of this industry and its overall problem domain, collectively forming a body of knowledge and a collection of technological assets that is unparalleled amongst our competitors. The brain-trust of this operation in its entirety is most accurately observed in the formation and ongoing development efforts in our technology platform. The simpluris software platform has been created from the beginning to address every nuance of the settlement administration problem domain. It’s written in custom logic, from scratch, all in-house, by a hand-picked and a tight-knit team of software developers, architects, database analysts, and IT professionals. This team has created a series of feats, from nearly fully automated deployments, to vast amounts of coverage within automated testing, the platform has iterated far beyond its inception to drive a new thread of innovation in the industry. We’re committed to continuing the journey of solving complexity within our case management software for this industry, building a best-in-class platform, and will continue to advance with technology as it evolves.

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