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Simpluris has extensive experience in the realm of labor and employment class action settlements with a niche in Wage and Hour. Employment lawsuits arise on behalf of mistreated employees with claims ranging from systematic and proven workplace discrimination, illegal hiring and promotions, illegal retaining, wrongful termination practices, unpaid unemployment benefits, and similar situations. These situations commonly manifest some group or groups of employees who received less than their expected wage for work performed. We get calls in our call center every day from class members and potential class members that are seeking wage & hour claims to be filed.

Wage & Hour Cases Typically Require Specific Payroll & Taxation Expertise

It’s no secret that wage-and-hour disputes typically carry with them a broad and complex set of calculation processes. These calculation routines usually involve the tabulation and aggregation of recorded work hours and payroll history data. This involves the capturing of state-specific, and even locality-specific, accounting and payroll information, which changes from year to year.
These cases also typically carry with them the work of data exports or data downloads from one enterprise system to the settlement administrator. Our data management services and data team itself is engaged in this process from beginning to end, handling the acquisition of data and its recalibration to the target format. The data group at Simpluris also keeps the data safe, with appropriate security steps observed along the way. We've also seen the data captured, transported, and delivered manually, where it's handled and parsed. This is is of course a time consuming and expensive proposition.

You do not want to be performing these calculations in a vacuum.

Each state of employment often carries with it some sort of guideline or tax-based variance that often impacts the algorithms and formulai that comprise the true employment payroll record. We've been managing and updating that sort of data for over a decade, which has made us more of a data-driven organization, and our labor and employment project managers and administration teams can provide this expertise from top to bottom, saving your staff countless hours on even the smallest of cases.
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