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Project Management within Settlement Administration

Each Simpluris case is assigned a single project manager. But no case is the same.

"Each case can be considered its own unique project"

Each case can be considered its own unique project. These project managers are actually more accurately categorized as professional project managers and their teams are very familiar with all aspects our clients face throughout the life of a case. From notifying class members, to following strict court mandated guidelines, to disbursing settlement payouts, we have provided support and alternative solutions for almost every variable. As with any successful project, we manage it with metrics, and our reporting tools are where those metrics are exposed.
This point of interaction is key, as our project management guidelines call for regular weekly reporting. It’s critical that our clients have the state of the case in full detail, when they need it. Coupled with our technological advancements, 24/7 accessibility and project managers that understand our client’s requirements, we pride ourselves on being available at all times. Project management tasks include:
  • Organization of case materials
  • Extraction, organization, scrubbing, and securing of case related data
  • Class member claim form preparation
  • Delineation of information for defense & plaintiff
  • Milestone and task breakdown
  • Automatic report creation and scheduling
  • Call center logistics configuration
  • Security / login info with your staff
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