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Class Action

What do Class Action Administrators Do? Part II

It must be recognized judges and counsel cannot predict all the possible permutations of all class member reactions. Indeed, Simpluris has experienced circumstances of class members identifying vague or inconsistent concepts in the class notice order.
By Simpluris Research Team
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Communication with Attorneys, Class Members and the Courts 
When a class action is initially filed the plaintiffs are deemed the ‘representatives’ for a future, to be designated later, class of members. Theses ‘members’ usually have no prior knowledge of the lawsuit until the settlement administration notice experts ply their handiwork. But once notices are issued inquiries are certain from these thousands of members. Who answers their queries? No law office can, or usually wants to, handle hundreds, or even thousands of calls from these just notified class action members. So, when choosing a class action administrator an attorney must ask is the class action settlement administrators capable of responding to the probable deluge of telephone and/or email inquiries?

Call Centers
With any large administrative function involving tens of thousands of people one size cannot fit all. A capable settlement administrator is always set up with a call center to answer the various inquiries. Simpluris routinely creates a call center on 24 hours’ notice and has pre-arranged auto-scaled preparation for overflow coverage. Additionally, a robo-call program can also be instituted.

Call center personnel have particularized training and long experience acting as the interface between the class action member and counsel for both sides. When, in the rare occurrence they cannot assist the member’s concerns, the matter is escalated to the project management team handling day-to-day functions of administering the class action. All calls are documented. If patterns of ongoing problems or concerns are identified counsel, and/or the court, are promptly notified. Simpluris routinely handles extremely large call volumes along with multiple toll-free numbers for incoming national and international calls. Be sure any class action administrator under consideration also have these capabilities.

It must be recognized judges and counsel cannot predict all the possible permutations of all class member reactions. Indeed, Simpluris has experienced circumstances of class members identifying vague or inconsistent concepts in the class notice order drafted by counsel and approved by the court. These class members insights can ultimately be brought to the court’s attention for review and revision. Reason: with all the court’s, counsel’s and Simpluris’ experience, the ultimate consumer or employee, the class action member and ultimate beneficiary, have a different perspective than court and counsel. Consider, the troops in the field deciphering orders from Central Command. Inbound communication, using a case specific toll-free number, is critical for the successful observance and completion of the court mandated notice and settlement procedures.

Dedicated Class Action Website 
The digital age requires creation of instant rapidly usable dedicated class action case websites in class action settlement administration. It is an essential element, saving countless hours of phone calls, letters, emails, and other unnecessary correspondence for class members, class action administrators and counsel. Simpluris’ unique self-service platform allows class members to obtain necessary information any time of day, from anywhere in the world on all devices. Information about each task Simpluris’ performs is a mere two or three clicks from the landing page, designed with the most simplistic and friendly user experience possible.

The content of case websites provides class members the ability to:

- Rapidly file a claim online;
- Determine class-member status;
- Check the status of a payment;
- Confirm their personal information;
- Permits rapid engagement with our call center if website materials are insufficient;
- Request follow up or further contact with the administrator;
- Provide claimant confirmation that claim has been received, and;
- Enter banking information for direct deposit.

Before choosing a class action administrator insure they can meet Simpluris’ gold standard of on line self-service for class counsel and settlement administrators. It will only make your work easier to perform.

Settlement Claims Processing 
Any time funds are being distributed to thousands of people claims issues will most certainly arise. And they will occur again and again. Hence, an important part of settlement administration is conferring with class counsel regarding these issues. However, settlement administrators are not advocating for class members. Claims administrator function means evaluating the sufficiency of the information included on a proof of claim and of the supporting documentation. If the administrator rejects all or a portion of a claim, that administrator cannot very well then take the opposite position on the claimant’s behalf. Simpluris consults with counsel on the thorny issues, and sometimes the attorneys seek court guidance on claim payment matter for ultimate guidance.

Preparing well devised claim forms limiting these issues is a direct by product of Simpluris’ many years and hundreds of millions of dollars of claims processing. Some claim forms and processing can be relatively simple, while others may require specific data entry and tabulation ultimately leading to secondary questions. Also, additional documentation requirements can result in the recalculation of financial benefits. Other times claim forms are industry specific. Experienced settlement administrators such as Simpluris are staffed with experts possessing combined decades of experience designing and refining claim forms, particularly to integrate it with our advance software platform.

At Simpluris our response processing is organized in two stages, (1) data entry, and (2) claims administration handling escalated processing of disputes such as late submissions, deceased class members and members with Social Security number issues. These concerns are reviewed by our internal quality assurance/audit team. They ensure responses are entered accurately and in accordance with court orders. Hence, settlement claims processing includes:

- Verification of claimants’ documents;
- Mailing of acknowledgement of receipt letters;
- PDFs of claims submitted;
- Resolve any disputed information with counsel;
- Manage any variety of claim-related responses;
- Track all pertinent information per class member;
- Deficient claims rejections;
- Follow up with class members for resubmittals of deficient claims.

Tax Reporting
As with most transactions in life, the taxing authorities are involved.

Class action and settlement administrators like Simpluris provide essential financial settlement fund management services, including specific financial institution investing when applicable. Simpluris captures and securely stores all Federal and State W-2 and 1099 data, as well as Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF) annual reporting and tax filings. And we are always on time. Simpluris state of the art print and mail house facility handles all printing and mailing of class member W-2 and 1099 forms including Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and Social Security number matching and verification processing to ensure accuracy and prevent duplication.

Simpluris, and hopefully all class action settlement administrators, perform a self-audit to reassure compliance with all state and federal fund distribution and tax reporting laws. This includes the escheat processing (forwarding unclaimed funds to the state when claimants cannot be found). Simpluris must abide by each state’s escheating guidelines which experienced litigators know is often a challenge. But our goal, as it should be for every class action administrator, is to insure that settlement award distributions end up in the pockets of the rightful class member recipients.

There are three (3) main funding types generally utilized in settlement funds administration;

Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF) trust created under applicable state law by an order of a governmental authority pursuant to 26 CFR § 1.468B-1 to resolve tort or other legal claims. For class actions the governmental authority would be the court. Using this settlement vehicle permits the recipient to defer taxes until receiving a distribution, while the defendant receives an immediate tax deduction.

Specialized Distribution Funds are for special large-scale payouts not mandated by QSF law. For instance, in a mass tort case or payouts on large insurance claims when the policy limits are tendered by the carrier, Simpluris would receive the funds, proportionalize the claims as instructed by the underlying agreement, and proceed with our standard claims administration functions.

Third Party Tax Payout Funds – Sometimes an employer discovers their own wage violations and wishes to remediate the propspective claims even before the workers are aware or bring a lawsuit. Simpluris calculates the appropriate disbursement for each recipient and the appropriate tax payments. Simpluris would also prepare all appropriate tax filings, including W2, 592-B, 1099, and W9s.

How much does it cost? 
The recipient does not directly pay for any of Simpluris class action or settlement administration services. Costs are covered by those setting up the trust or fund, such as the attorneys or paying party.

If your seeking a cost proposal for a current or upcoming case please contact Simpluris at or call our Business Development Department at 800-779-2104, option 1. We can address all your concerns and we are always ready to help! 

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