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Pre-Certification, Notice of Class Certification, & Settlement Mailings

Simpluris provides third-party data hosting and mailing services that are cost effective and ensure that potential and certified class member records are maintained with confidentiality.

I think Simpluris probably ought to be hired by everyone who needs to do a mailing to a class. I’m very impressed with the work that they did, and I wanted to put that on the record.- SDNY District Court Judge Colleen McMahon

We offer various methods for notifying class members to meet your specific needs. We can assist you in preparing ‘plain-language’ documents to assist class member comprehension, and guide you through the process of verbiage and language nuances that will assist in a smooth case rollout.

Notice and claim form designs can be created in a variety of formats, and can be translated to reach class members in nearly any language needed. When a piece of mail is returned undeliverable to Simpluris, there are automated and rapid processes that we perform using reliable sources from the U.S. Postal Service, U.S. Census Bureau, and other private nationally recognized credit sources, in order to identify and designate newer or confirmed addresses that may exist for that class member. Once the new addresses have been updated in the system, a re-mail can be sent to that class member, based on the settings and parameters of the case.

Media placement can be performed, and is based on the demographic characteristics of your target audience. Using LiveCase™, class member websites can be designed and set up quickly, allowing almost instantaneous access to all class members through a simple, easy-to-use web based platform. Advertisements and online links can lead class members to their corresponding case websites, where claims and responses can be submitted, and information can be downloaded.

Pre-Certification, Post Certification, and Settlement Mailings include:

  • Post-card / response form design
  • Response tracking and compilation
  • Secure data visibility through LiveCase™ web based platform
  • Handling of undeliverable mail using location determination services
  • Develop document and processing allocation techniques
  • Pioneer, Privacy, Belaire-West, Opt Out, and Discovery Mailings
  • Review settlement terms and assist in the process to find alternatives
  • Act as Neutral Third Party
  • Undeliverable mail tracking and reporting
  • Interactive Voice Response and Live Call Center Support
  • Assist in the identification of class members
  • Preliminary approval hearing support

Pre Settlement Pioneer/Discovery Notice Programs

Let Simpluris act as the liaison between counsels and manage the Discovery/Pioneer mailings for you! We understand the importance of privacy and know the value of each potential class member. Neither side is given favor over the other, our focus is fairness and confidentiality, seeking to accomplish an agreement between both parties.

As your case receives responses, you can review results 24/7 using LiveCase™.

Settlement Noticing Alternatives

The world of communication is continually shifting primarily due to the rapid evolution of technology. In place of newspapers, people are tweeting, web surfing, social-networking, blogging and so on. Traditional radio exists, but internet radio is changing the airwaves. Simpluris prides itself on its technological savvy, if it is time to evolve your communications, we are here to make it happen. Banner ads, blog spots, email blasts, you name it, we will do it. If you are looking for innovative ways to reach your class members, let us help you execute a cost effective and higher response settlement program. Call Business Development for a complimentary consultation today.


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