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How can I receive a quote for administration services? How quickly can I get it?”

  • You may contact our Business Development Specialist; Mike Sutherland directly for a list of services to create a quote customized for your project needs. Email: MSutherland@simpluris.com. You can expect to receive a response with quote in less than 24 hours.

“Can Simpluris translate mailing documents and/or telephone calls with Class Members in languages other than English?”

  • Yes, we have experts in language translation that can provide a full range of international multi-language communication services covering any language in the world. All translations are court certified.

“Does Simpluris create/offer other types of Notification efforts?”

  • Yes, we have Notification experts that can generate your ideas into electronic / printable projects. (ie: endless paper color options, full web press color, a variety of postcard format styles, various page sizes, etc.) Our Business Development Specialist Team can go into greater detail.

“Can Simpluris convert data to an electronic format?”

  • We can discuss details with you during the quote process.

“What information can Simpluris provide in a report after mailing?”

  • Mailing Details: mailing pieces mailed, returned, remailed, undeliverable, etc.
  • Mail Piece Details: notice packet, reminder postcard, letter, check, etc.
  • Response Submission Details: deficiencies, disputes, objections, late submissions
  • Responses processed: per hour, day, week, specific date & submission type
  • Weekly status reports by subclass
  • Status of Potential Class Members
  • Any custom report upon request

“What resources are available to search for a valid address and/or individual?”

  • NCOA – National Change of Address search
  • Skip Tracing – process of locating a person’s whereabouts thru various forms of collected data
  • Reverse Look-Up – used to find a mailing address, email address, telephone number, etc. We expect to find 80% or better. (Remember: there are several questionable sites that offer a similar service for a cheap price… don’t be fooled with the results).
  • Experian – a global leader in consumer and business credit reporting search
  • LexisNexis Accurint – computer assisted current legal public records search effort

“What is a QSF?”

  • A Qualified Settlement Fund” is a trust structured to help simplify a lawsuit Settlement with flexibility and control for both defendant and plaintiff unique needs.
  • A QSF provides the Defendant the ability to pay with a full release, used as a tax deduction and is useful in end of year tax planning.
  • A QSF provides Plaintiff security of risk associated with insolvency of the defendant, flexibility in making appropriate choices for distribution of the Settlement, widens options for structured attorney fees, etc.

“How is an escrow account different than a QSF? Can Simpluris open an escrow account for me?”

  • An escrow account is a bank account or “holding tank” held by a third party for the benefit to protect two other parties, with accessibility for cases that are still in process. A QSF is used for a cases that are settled and have designated payouts.
  • Yes, Simpluris is happy to open and maintain an escrow account for you. Please call for more details.

“What is the standard payroll tax used to calculate the employer’s share of payroll taxes?

  • We have a team of Taxation experts that specialize in calculating the exact amounts required for all state and federal tax reporting requirements. Please call us for more details.

Does Simpluris handle all tax reporting on behalf of the defendant”

  • Yes, Simpluris will handle all tax reporting on behalf of the defendant as well as W2 & 1099 reporting for Class Members.

 “How long has Simpluris provided administrations services?”

  • Simpluris has been in business for 11 years, delivering administration services for several thousands of projects. It is difficult to find other administration companies that have delivered services on more cases than our team of experts.

 “Where can I direct Class Members with questions specific to their Case?

  • Many cases have a special telephone number dedicated to their case that will be identified in the Notice and other documents. Simpluris has a professional Call Center team trained to provide answers to all Class Member inquires specific to each case.  Class Members may call our toll-free line to speak with a live representative during normal business hours or leave a message to receive a returned in less than 24 hours for any case.

“Can I request a specific Project Manager to handle all my cases in the future?”

  • You may contact your desired Project Manager directly or present your request during the quote process.





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