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Data Management

As a part of LiveCase™, we rapidly perform advanced data scrubbing and data dissemination
on any type and format of data that you have. Import data and automatically generate all of the class member records necessary for processing the case, identifying invalid addresses, invalid social security numbers, and other types of records. Our technology platform can handle an unlimited number of class members and claims without any loss of speed or accuracy.

Making Sense of It All

Based on class criterion, our expert team runs data through systematic filters to uncover all qualifying information. The data can be as simple as names and addresses or as intricate as time clock calculations. A detailed analysis can be performed on all eligible data or unique random sampling methodologies can be applied for precise studies. No matter what form you provide the raw data in; our data entry team will input the information into a useable format and produce quantifiable answers.

Turning Surveys into Statistics

Simpluris has trained staff experienced in facilitating phone and written surveys. Data is instantly captured and audited for accuracy. Our analysts then perform an assessment on the data and produce qualified results.

Security 100% of the Time

You have the assurance of knowing that as you review and track information in LiveCase™, your data is 100% secure at all times. From the moment you begin uploading your data, our multi-layered security systems utilize various mechanisms to protect against external threats and interference. There is no need to worry about breaches in security through email or other file sharing avenues as all data is encrypted between our systems and yours. Based on the controls set in LiveCase™, information can be limited so that each party only sees exactly what they’re supposed to for each individual case and user.

The Executive Dashboard Sheds Light

Whether your cases are solely employment or product liability or your case load spans multiple practice areas, with LiveCase™, you can evaluate and compare your cases across the board on the Executive Dashboard. Examining historical figures and comparing them to present statistics can provide useful insight for making decisions on case administration for your next case.

Our goal is to be efficient and effective, so the cost of your case does not weigh heavy in the administration. Contact Business Development for a complimentary consultation.


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