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Statistics Gathering

As part of our professional services offering, Simpluris works with attorneys to create filters and specialized query algorithms within its proprietary technology to track numerous statistics about their case. Metrics and reported values are captured by seasoned database analysts and data warehouse experts, working within reporting systems developed by Microsoft, Oracle, and Business Objects, among others. The developed queries and algorithms can be refined and converted into ad-hoc or interval based reports that many times are used by attorneys and clients for the duration of their case timeline.

The data compiled can expose realities for everything from response rate to the costliness of locating a single class member. Statistical analysis affords you the opportunity to make educated modifications to your current case and effectively plan for future cases.

Decision Point Analytics

Simpluris Decision Point Analytics (DPA) is a statistics gathering and reporting service offered for clients. Reports on a variety of topics can be prepared on everything from generic statistics on claims rates, down to responses rates by postal code. The reports are prepared to assist attorneys or other parties in gaining statistical grounds for personal knowledge, business intelligence, or decision support. DPA primarily consists of statistics gathered from our actual experience administering legal notifications, including Bel Air notifications, claims-based cases, opt-out-based cases, and discovery. In the near future, DPA will also begin to include relevant statistics for cases that are administered by other firms as well as a variety of additional case types (such as securities notifications). Simpluris has processed and maintains data and statistics on hundreds of thousands of claims and millions of pieces of mail, from virtually every court and covering every region of the United States; let us put our data to work for you. Are you interested in actual attorneys fees granted versus what was initially approved, arranged by court or judge? There’s a stat for that. Are you interested in the number of uncashed checks for claims cases covering postal codes in California’s Central Valley? There’s a stat for that. Are you interested in the number of opt-out forms filed for claims cases with high-technology workers having estimated incomes over 100,000 per year? There is a stat for that. We comb our database constantly for new and interesting statistics, but ultimately, we need you to call us with an exciting project or special need. Reports are prepared on a flat fee basis for basic reporting and also on an ad hoc basis for projects that get just a little more… funky. Our data geeks look forward to your inquiries and challenges.

Make Informed Decisions

Because every case is not identical, it can be difficult to effectively prepare for the unexpected. Consulting with our experts and evaluating case statistics facilitates informed decision making for efficient and cost effective outcomes. You are better informed to handle unanticipated issues that may arise at any moment in your case.

Our expert team has developed a strong faction of statistical reports that provide a variety of answers to the performance of your case. If you need a statistic that our reports do not currently supply, submit a request and we will work to make it happen.

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