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Pre-Settlement Consultation

Many clients choose to consult with Simpluris before the settlement agreement is finalized to avoid unplanned delays or unforeseen costs that might arise later in the process. As the experts in class action settlement administration, we know the many variables that must be considered when planning a class action settlement. Our team of experts has created detailed check lists which can be used to anticipate challenges that may occur during the administration process if not addressed by Counsel prior. We provide seamless administration from discovery through disbursement.

Simpluris will provide pre-settlement consultations at a moment’s notice. Creating an administrative plan prior to the settlement helps ensure a seamless implementation and saves clients time and money. Based on the case’s specs coupled with our historical statistical analysis, we are able to make educated predictions of settlement outcomes helping determine the most cost-effective and efficient approach to administering your case.

Take the Administration Load Off, Consult With Simpluris

Planning for a settlement can be a daunting task. Call our team before you get started and eliminate unnecessary stress.
When you provide a basic synopsis of your proposed settlement, our experts will help you determine what questions you have left to answer and what steps you need to take for a successful and smooth settlement. Our consultations are a courtesy to our clients. We are here to assist our clients in making the most cost effective and educated decisions for the success of their case.

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