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Mail Piece Design

From pre-certification surveys, notices and opt-outs to claims and tax documents, we format content and design cost effective solutions for any size and layout mail piece your case requires. If you are unsure of what mail pieces make the most sense for your case, our expert team will consult with you providing all possible options and cost effective solutions involved with production and mailing.

There is more to the design of your mailers than simple text and font styles. Tracking every mailed piece is a critical component to determining the success of your case. We use state-of-the-art technology to bar-code every piece of mail, providing a unique tracking code for each item. With every item distinctively marked, we assure that mail dates are never missed and all court ordered contact attempts are made.

We will format, print and mail any document always considering the most effective options available

Simpluris maintains information on mail pieces as they evolve over the life of a case, allowing for multiple versions of the same mail piece to be reviewed for accuracy and legal compliance, from the moment a piece is dropped in the mail to the receipt of a response. This provides a well documented historical record on each artifact in play throughout the life of a case, even across decades of time per some cases.

I think Simpluris probably ought to be hired by everyone who needs to do a mailing to a class. I’m very impressed with the work that they did, and I wanted to put that on the record.- SDNY District Court Judge Colleen McMahon

Some cases require unique design or tracking specifications, we work to meet your needs and deliver a high quality cost effective solution every time. Contact Business Development today, for a complimentary consultation.


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