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Legal Notice Programs

Simpluris provides custom notice programs that cater to the specific needs of your case.

  • Design notices, claim, opt-out and response forms and postcards
  • Submit notice to class members or prospects based on court ordered or mutual party guidelines
  • Publish notice in media, offering creative advertisement alternatives
  • Set up and maintain online class member website providing downloadable versions
  • Manage, track, and document all inquiries and communications from class members
  • Report status and statistical data for all class members, within all cases

What does it take to have a well informed class?

Successful cases thrive when their class members are well informed. It takes the right notice, delivery method, and a strong line of communication. We know this, because Simpluris has worked through enough cases with enough variables to determine what works and what fails.

Communication has evolved so significantly in the past decade that much of the traditional forms of communication are obsolete. Society is more likely to receive news via text blasts and tweets than from newspapers and advertisements. With the increase of “junk mail” overwhelming our mailboxes, it is easy to overlook unexpected, but important notices and correspondence. We offer noticing program options that use today’s most common communication methods that can capture your audience’s attention.

We plan for follow-up correspondence and alternate forms of communications, seeking new and effective ways to notify class members. Facebook, Twitter, smart technology and texts are the information super highways people depend on to receive their information. Not every class member is reachable through a mail piece or comfortable using an online option. It is why we offer multi communication programs as an option. Whether you need traditional, progressive or a fusion of both forms of communication avenues to notify your class, we will work to make it happen. What makes sense for one case does not make sense for every case.

As we consult with you, together we will develop a cost effective and efficient program that works for your case. Call Business Development today, for a complimentary consultation!


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