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Class Member Tracking

Via LiveCase™ counsel has the ability to view and track class member correspondence anytime, anywhere. Review all attempted contacts, correspondence and related documentation for each class member in your case.

Class Member Locating

If your case is seeking potential class members for a Discovery case or disbursing funds for a Settlement, Simpluris employs a variety of search options to locate individuals including use of the National Change of Address System and skip trace methods. Per the terms of the case, we will engage court approved tracking tools providing the most current and accurate contact information for class members.

Tracking Correspondence History

If necessary, LiveCase™ will provide historical records reporting. Records of all contact activities are captured and can be reported. We track every aspect of correspondence including mailing and returned mail dates, claims, opt-outs, phone calls, emails, and all other Simpluris attempted and successful communications.

Escheating To State

On occasion a settlement case will escheat to state. Settlement awards escheat to state when a class member does not receive or cash their settlement check after all contact attempts have been completed. Simpluris abides by each state’s guidelines for escheating to state. With LiveCase™ we keep accurate and current contact information on each class member via class member provided data, skip traces and other services used to locate members. It is our goal to get settlement awards into the hands of the rightful recipients.

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