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Class members need the opportunity to make well informed decisions regarding their involvement in a case. Legal notices can be confusing and overwhelming. Sometimes all it takes is talking to a live, informed person to gain the understanding a class member needs. Our call center representatives are trained to explain case related information to callers that will effectively inform them.

Call Tracking

A case specific toll-free number is assigned to each case, with highly trained call center representatives ready to answer and respond at any of our service centers. Each call is documented on the class member profile and reporting across all calls provides visibility to the class member’s overall history of interaction.

Simpluris Can Handle Volume and Variety

Simpluris can handle call volumes of all sizes, providing multiple toll-free numbers for incoming national and international calls, servicing English, Spanish, and other languages as the cases require them.

The LiveCase™ Solution To Calls

LiveCase™ compliments our call centers by providing an automated and interactive messaging system to distribute information to class members depending on their self-designated settings.

Various cases need additional class member notification, possibly a reminder phone call regarding the claims deadline or first point of contact requesting action from a group of class members. When the volume of outbound calls is large, a cost and time effective way to reach class members is an automated message. You have the power to decide what, who and when an automated message will release. We can develop a script based on your requirements and provide the voice that you are most confident using, or you can develop your own message and schedule the message release time and date.

The advantages to using LiveCase™ for your call center needs is a simple one, from start to finish, every in and outbound call is tracked providing you real statistics. Call Business Development today, for a complimentary consultation.


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