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Simpluris offers a suite of technology-based services to develop, execute and administer Class Action Lawsuits from Discovery through Disbursement. Our team has a breadth of backgrounds that allows us to take an innovative approach to the process and apply efficient solutions that drastically reduce the cost of administration. LiveCase™ coupled with our skilled methods keep the management costs to a minimum.

Simpluris provides full-service case administration, handling every aspect of the case from start to finish. Our ramp-up time is minimal due to our technological advancements coupled with our in-house experts. Your case manager will always be an expert in the complex and far-reaching areas of legal administration, working with a team that has implemented hundreds of cases.

Simpluris specializes in providing services for cases that require intense and complicated data scrubbing, data preparation, situational analysis, and secure information disclosure procedures. Our service model adapts itself to specific instructions for all variations of conditional, legal, and procedural requirements for each case.

From Discovery to Disbursement, we are well versed in Case Administration and pliable to meet the needs of your unique cases. Give Business Development a call today, for a complimentary consultation.


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