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Insurance class action lawsuits are commonly made against small and large insurance companies alike. Many situations occur where insurance companies misrepresent their own policies, participate in bad faith claims handling including not paying on valid claims or denying coverage to specific classes or groups of individuals. Other situations include charging unfair monthly services fees or failing to make reasonable investigations for payments.

LiveCase™ Is On Your Side

Insurance class actions, like so many others, can consist of very large classes and involve complicated calculations. As the case administration team, we offer LiveCase™ to keep you informed about the details of class member participation. Whether yours is a discovery case or a settlement notification, we will compose a tailored plan that meets all of your needs from notification through class member tracking to final calculations. At any point in your case, you will have the ease of LiveCase™ at your finger tips to review and assess all faucets of the administration.

Class members have questions and concerns about their involvement in each case we handle. We pride ourselves on delivering a call center that allots for class members to get the answers they need when they need them. Often class members will need further explanation of their involvement in the class. We assign case specific contact information so that class members speak to conversant associates.

Insurance class actions can be very involved and time consuming. Contact Business Development for a consultation and to work through the specifics of your upcoming case.


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