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Finance class action lawsuits are formed typically against credit card companies, mortgage loan originators, services, financial institutions, and private investors for a variety of reasons. Many common situations include bankruptcy adversaries, loan origination fraud, contested foreclosures, unfair minimum payment and rate changes, and failure to comply with federal and state regulations and laws for documentation, fees, or procedures and privacy policy violations.

Be Assured, Volume Is Never a Concern

The volume of class membership and settlement rewards in these cases can be very large and complicated. With LiveCase™ you can keep a constant and accurate account of all potential and actual class members and the status of their involvement. The volume of class members is never a concern, even when the reward amounts vary significantly.

Our call center team is equipped and trained to handle large volume and intricate case related concerns with efficiency and ease, bringing you confidence and peace of mind in your case.

Whether you are preparing for an upcoming case, or working through a current one, call Business Development for a complimentary consultation or to get a second opinion.


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