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Antitrust class action settlement cases are formed when consumers suffer financial loss due to products and services that are illegally or incorrectly overpriced. Market, specific product or service overpricing can take place due to “price fixing” at artificial levels to secure higher revenues and/or to force out competition. Other similar situations involve the formation of illegal or controlled situational agreements that aim to affect competitors as a goal of elimination of competition.

Antitrust cases very often involve large, multifaceted settlement funds, awards and classes. These cases can span global boundaries at every level from corporations to consumers. The complexity and diversity of this type of case can be arduous. LiveCase™, coupled with a strategic noticing plan can bring simplicity to an otherwise complicated case.

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When preparing for your next Antitrust case, consult with our team of experts. We will assist you in answering the intricate administration questions that arise with Antitrust cases. Several Antitrust laws are mandated at the federal level, but many statutes vary from state to state. If we do not have the answer readily available, we will labor to get it.

Antitrust cases involve specialized legal expertise.

Simpluris provides coverage for antitrust cases among its various offerings, and can guide your organization through the process of converging the material intelligence into specific legal processes. Contact Business Development today for a complimentary consultation.


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