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With specialty offerings in numerous legal categories, Simpluris maintains one of the most professional and seasoned staff in the industry.

We provide a suite of technology-based services via LiveCase™, to develop, execute and administer class actions from discovery through disbursement. Minute by minute you are able to monitor the class member activity in a single case or analyze the productivity of your case load across all your class action cases. Every case has unique facets and many require individualized reporting or statistical analysis. Your case load may include a wide variety of cases from Finance to Antitrust and Insurance, requiring a matchless reporting structure. Our diverse team of experts takes innovative approaches to the process and applies systematic solutions that drastically reduce the cost of administration, enabling you to get the results you need at a reduced rate.

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Whether it’s a straightforward mailing with a potential of 50 class members or a disbursement for a securities case with several hundred thousand members, we will administer your case with efficiency and accuracy. Simpluris has a strong history of administering employment cases along with experience across the diverse areas of class actions. Our team of experts is diligent in staying abreast of the latest updates in laws pertaining to class actions.


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