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The LiveCase
Solution for Attorneys

Smart Dashboard

The LiveCase™ Smart Dashboard environment provides a 360° view of all cases under your control. Our state-of-the-art platform provides real-time information with easy-to-use tools to manage your cases from anywhere in the world. Get an illustrated view of claims and opt-outs submitted, deficiencies out standing, and disputes. Smart Dashboard provides instant statistics for all the main variables in your case.
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Illustrated Data Brings Enjoyment to Statistical Analysis

As you review the statistics for each variable of the case, click any variable and retrieve further details composing the specific statistic. If the smart dashboard shows an 8% deficiency for your claims case, click on the variable and reveal the current deficiencies and the corresponding causes for them.

Monitor the response period and assess high and low response rates. With this information you can make informed decisions for current and future cases that can include adding or omitting a reminder postcard or follow-up phone call. Determine if the response rate is greater immediately following a notice mailing, follow-up correspondence or closer to the deadline.

Take It On the Road

Smart Dashboard is available on your iPhone® and iPad®. You now have the expediency of viewing your comprehensive data anywhere you are. Get real-time results quickly and conveniently by simply logging in to the LiveCase™ mobile application and begin accessing the information you need.
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