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The LiveCase
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Self-Serve Reporting

It is important to us, that you see the value in the tools you use for the success of your case. Let us help you see the value in LiveCase™!

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Reports Available Around the Clock

Instant, daily, and weekly reporting is fully configurable and available from within the LiveCase™ self-service reporting environment.  Weekly reports are agreed upon at the start of a case and will be provided each week to approved participating counsel, although may be extendible and customizable throughout the case timeline and response submission process.


Upon review of your weekly report, further questions may arise. You may want to know why your case has  such a high volume of deficient claims or to review the invalids. With LiveCase™ getting answers is simple and rapid. Once you pull a report, simply click on the data in question and drill down to the specific details for further analysis.

Executive Dashboard

Make better informed decisions based on your case history. Does your next case call for a postcard or phone call reminder, should you include a skip trace? Analyzing your collective cases in LiveCase™ can help you make educated decisions for your next case.

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