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The LiveCase
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Customizable Permissions

When setting up the parameters of your case, LiveCase™ provides customizable and configurable “Role-Based-Permissions” allowing you to set limits. Both counsels can determine what is permissible and agreeable viewing for each party during the administration of a case. From the “Weekly Report,” to the response history, to the actual responses received to date, Plaintiff and Defense counsels can allow for the opposing side of a case to see only what is agreed as acceptable.

During the initial set-up of each case, lead counsel will be prompted by a panel of “Role-Based-Permission” questions based on the type of case it is. Once the Permissions are set, at any time, lead counsel can request changes, updates and modifications to the permissions as necessary, upon approval from both plaintiff and defense counsels.

LiveCase™ is a secure and comprehensive tool providing a one stop case management platform for all parties involved. All data hosted within LiveCase™ is safe guarded and only available to permission granted individuals.

Contact us to learn more about the value of customizable permissions, or click to Request Access to LiveCase™.


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