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Simpluris provides nearly limitless statistical data on all submitted responses for all of your cases. Our specialized one-view design provides a single glance at the statistical values in real time for any of your cases managed using LiveCase™.

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With a simple click, you can evaluate the progress of your case instantly. As a whole or in part, we can run statistical reports for everything from response rates to Net Settlement Fund amounts claimed. Reviewing the number of undeliverable mail pieces can help determine whether a skip trace is warranted. Assessing the claim rates on a weekly basis will help determine if a reminder postcard is defensible or a follow up phone call is necessary. Monitoring the volume of deficient claims can call attention to document formatting issues. We strive to develop comprehensive response forms that are straightforward and easy to complete. The review of deficiency submissions sheds understanding of why a form is not completed correctly or entirely. Often it can be the result of a confusing or complicated submission form. Statistical analysis provides answers to a variety of concerns and quandaries that arise in each case.

Statistical analysis is one of Simpluris’ mandated steps in every case we handle. We work in tandem with counsel reviewing response rates, member inquiries and undeliverable mail pieces providing suggestions and solutions to maximize each case’s potential. Contact us today to learn more about what statistics we can run for your next case.


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